Friday, August 19, 2011

Back Home...

Well I am back home from a great two weeks at Pennsic. I am tired and still having issues sleeping in a real bed with all the cats! It was kinda nice sleeping without them! Sorry Guys!

Well I managed to get all of my hand sewing done except for adding the trim to the Italian Renaissance! YAY me! My husband had a great time with my friends and even made some new ones. I LOVED camping with Talfryn! They had a great spot and they were great company! We had visits from Potatoes and Boobies (don't ask!) and of course had many Conference Calls (I love inside jokes!) I did five entourage shifts for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses. So it was a busy war, but I managed to get to almost all my classes. I missed out on one that I really wanted which was the "Duc du Berry Borders" at Ã†thelmearc Royal. Grump!

A quick rundown is that I have now two new hobbies. Bobbin Lace Making, I took a great 3-day course and then bought a bunch of supplies. I also got some period pigments for more to keep me busy! Not to mention adding to my cookery book list with classes and my new book Medieval Arab Cookery! Looking forward to redacting those recipes.

I was able to work on my device while I was there, so I need to send that in to Kingdom and my hubby has decided to register his name. We had an amazing Herald at Herald's Point who happen to be the Japanese persona expert help him with his name. It also got much longer. It was Saito Takahiro (last name, first name) to Saitou TouTarou Takahiro - which of course has something to do with being 1st son and what clan you are affiliated with. I also learn that "ou" is a long "o" sound in Japanese, so it take a little getting used to.

On the way home we stopped at Grove City Outlets and boy that was fun. Though rolling in at 11:30pm is rough. I was glad to hear everyone made it home safely. I am sure there are tons of stories I am not listing, but that is least I am blogging! :)

Now I am working on my White Wolf Fian for Feast of the Hare in November and I am going to enter the Kingdom A&S Pentathlon. That is the hope anyway! My plan is as follows:

1. German Renaissance Garb
2. Leather Shoes from German Ren Garb
3. Redacted recipe - one dish (Maybe German)
4. Illuminated Scroll (Based off German Ren)
5. Lace-making

So let's hope I can pull this together - now most will be in the beginner category, but I will have my documentation anyway. Wish me luck!