Friday, January 27, 2012

Musings on a day when it's raining...really?!?

Well this week has been an interesting one, the in-laws are suppose to be off to Florida today, but in Ottawa we have rain! I mean shouldn't it be snow...well ok it will be snow in the afternoon, but I left the house this morning to pouring rain! :P So hopefully they will be able to leave without too many issues.

The Lovely Montreal Road and North River Rd, Ottawa
Yuk! It sure is yucky out there! So on Wednesday night the hubby and I went out for dinner with Gift Certificate from my parents this past Christmas. It was at SushiGo! and it was Awesome! Super yummy as you can see below. I had the Shrimp Tempura Roll, The Classic Californian and the Tomato (which was cucumber, cream cheese and sundried tomato) YUM!!! They opened a new store in Orleans, so I think this will be my new Sushi shop!

SushiGo - Shrimp Tempura, Classic Californian and Tomato Rolls
Last night I made some progress in my SSP and cutting my fabric (sorry no pics yet). I think I have 5 fabrics left to cut out, so that means I should be ready to piece starting on the weekend! YAY! I won't get anything done tonight, but that is OK. It is Robbie Burns night (I know his Bday is really the 25th, but whatev!) for us and a bunch of friends. We do this every year, though this year it is on Friday, so it makes it a lot more difficult to get there. (They are in Almonte now) so a bit of a drive. So I am looking forward to see the gang and see how they all have been doing since last year.

This weekend is still kinda in the air as to what is happening. The hubby has a Yumi course on Sunday, and unless my sister S. is going to be in Montreal then I won't bother going. I have lots of sewing to do and eventually get all of my stuff out of the room so I can paint and renovate! Then I have to think about some new garb, I really need something new as I am a bit bored with what I have. Maybe some linen kirtles for Pennsic and a coat or something...

Ok I admit it! I have been coveting Sarah's Transitional Era Wrap Gown at Mode Historique! I LOVE all her work and would LOVE to meet her and hopefully Geek out together...but I would be so intimidated since she has done so much great stuff! I have been trying to decide if I want to concentrate on a particular era for my SCA clothing. I love Tudor and Elizabethan, but I play in so many different sandboxes that it is hard for me to decide. Maybe this is part of the process...when I am ready to concentrate on one specific time frame and work towards making my skills perfect I will have found a time frame I really want to do. I have to say that I also really like Catherin's grab too! She has a massive loom and does amazing textile work! Maybe sometime soon I will make it out to her A&S day. (her blog is A Day In The Life) Oh so much going on in my SCA brain! LOL

We have the Saint Valentines Day Massacre in Barrie coming up in February, so I want to maybe have something new, but we shall see depending on my schedule.

Well wish me luck as always!

PS. Yup no signature yet...I have to work on that! What would you like to see? Erin or Emelote or just a cool stylized E? Leave me a comment about it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Some Progress...

Hello! Well this is my Wednesday post for this week and it has not progressed as I would have liked. Well let's be honest, my wish and actions were 2 different things! LOL...though I have to say this is sure making me more accountable...lets see how I do! There is so much going on that is secret, that it is killing me not to say anything, but I will be able to say something in a couple of months anyway!

So the list is like this...
In Progress:
Super Secret Project - Lucky me I did some work on it...I was able to cut out 3 of my 12 fabrics, boy it sure it taking longer than I realized...lots of little pieces! Here are some pics!

Fabric 1

Fabric 2

Fabric 3

Sew Modern Bee Blocks (2) - still working on that but it has to be out by the 31st the absolute latest.
Bee Creative Block (1)  no longer in the bee (had to drop out because too much on the plate)
March Quilt for Sew Modern Bee - still thinking on this one, but I would like to do Orange and Grey, but what pattern...hummm still to be decided. Better get cracking as this will need to be mailed out in Feb!
Avelyn's Gown fix - well at least I picked up the gown...maybe this weekend?

No Progress:
Tokyo Subway Map Top (Finish 5 blocks and piece together)
Saxon Gown
Leather Shoes
Bobbin Lace

This week's Stats:
Completed Projects - 0
New Projects - 0
Currently in Progress - 9

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday: How do I do this??

In my last post I talked about doing the Freshly Pieced W.I.P. Wednesdays. How it works is that I will update you on my "works in progress" every Wednesday and you guys can comment about it or encourage me a bit more! :P If you want to join, the button on my sidebar should bring you to her site.

So this will be a rough one to catch everything. (I hope!) It has been already a busy week and I hope that I can catch everything I should be working on. Ok! So I have a few current projects and some upcoming ones too. Let's see...I have been waiting for fabric to arrive so I can start my Super Secret Project (SSP). Now this needs to be completed by the end of March! I better get on it. Can't show you the back, because I can't guarantee she is not viewing my blog...

New Project:
SSP Fabric
In Progress:
Sew Modern Bee Blocks (2)
Bee Creative Block (1)
March Quilt for Sew Modern Bee
Avelyn's Gown fix

I also have 3 blocks to finish for my Sew Modern Bee and Bee Creative. Those I plan on finishing this weekend, hopefully it won't take too long. I also have to start the renovation process of my sewing room, but I have to be good in most of my projects. In my Sew Modern Bee my month is March, I still need to decide on what pattern and fabric I want to send to the Ladies to sew for me. Whew!

On the SCA front it has been quite for us, but I have made it that way. I still need to finish Avelyn's gown (for Valentine's Day Massacre in Feb) and another friend has asked me to modify a dress for her by Feb 3rd. Now I am not sure if I can do that, but we shall see.

No Progress:
Tokyo Subway Map Top (Finish 5 blocks and piece together)
Saxon Gown
Leather Shoes
Bobbin Lace

This week's Stats:
Completed Projects - 0
New Projects - 1
Currently in Progress - 10

Oh My! That is quite a list!

Let's hope by next week I will have some finished projects to show off!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Already?!?

Well, 2012 has arrived and it has been a very crazy holiday season.

Just before Christmas we were unfortunate to loose a very good friend (Miss you Ms. B!) to Cancer. Her husband is one of my hubby's best friends, in fact they grew up together. The strange thing was that she died December 12th, the day after my Pépère did 5 years later and to top that they both had really strange weather happen that same week. I remember it being 10-12 degrees C for the week up to the funeral for my Pépère and the record was broken this year for my friend. It was very surreal and think she was only 36 and so young. I miss her a lot, she was a very bright and fun I hope she is at peace and waiting for her next go round here on earth.

Other than that I had to get ready for Christmas and plan on what I wanted to do between while I was on holiday. Christmas is always crazy for us and this year was no different. Christmas eve we went to bed around 4am at my sister's place! I think I went to bed before the others too! LOL! The my parents said we had to be there for 9:30am! Well needless to say we had a lot of grumpy adults! :P

We opened presents at my parents and I got all kinds of great things, but the best was my new purse from my parents! The story on this is fantastic. I was at Winners with the hubby and my Mom. She asks me to come over and help her choose a purse for my sister (S)... I'm like "Sure!" I love Shopping for S. as she has similar tastes to me but can wear anything! So I found this purse from Guess (one of her favourite designers) and it was all square and boxy, with bling and a shoulder strap attachment and it had a great faux alligator skin in the very cool light nude tone! I LOVED IT! I was so excited for her gift, but also secretly envious! I never think of asking for that kind of gift...but it was so cool! And lo, to my surprise on Christmas morning...THE PURSE! See it's beautiful lines...I love it!

The Christmas Purse!
But of course, I promised some chatting about my very behind Quilt bees I needed to finish. Well in Early December I finished the 2 blocks for Kristy @107 Quilts Quilt. Her blocks were super fun and I really liked the colours she had picked. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. here are her two blocks

Block 1
Block 2

Then between Christmas and New Years I was able to finish mommaof4yoopers Quilt. Now I apologize for the quality of these photos but my iPhone was taking crappy pictures with the flash and crappy without it. So I apologize and will make sure my camera is around and charged all the time!

Block A (I think...)

Block E (I hope...)
This block was a lot more challenging for me...I wanted to make sire I had enough of the beautiful purple batik showing and creating the right stars...but so nice. You should see the design! I hope these blocks were to her satisfaction.

So to continue the update, NYE was quite with M&D staying with us overnight as I had planned a NY Day Brunch for my friends and family on NY Day. So I was cooking most of NYE - but the food was super awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

So my New Years resolutions this year is to finish my projects and blog more often. So I think I will start blogging on Wed for W.I.P. Which stands for Works in Progress...There is a cute button to put on the posts and keep on the blog. I am also looking for a new blog this is not working for me right now. I like it a lot but I want a more modern feel.

So next Wednesday I will have a post about this week and what I have planned for secrets too!


P.S. I love how a lot of blogs have signature images...I am working on that next! Stay Tuned!