Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Already?!?

Well, 2012 has arrived and it has been a very crazy holiday season.

Just before Christmas we were unfortunate to loose a very good friend (Miss you Ms. B!) to Cancer. Her husband is one of my hubby's best friends, in fact they grew up together. The strange thing was that she died December 12th, the day after my Pépère did 5 years later and to top that they both had really strange weather happen that same week. I remember it being 10-12 degrees C for the week up to the funeral for my Pépère and the record was broken this year for my friend. It was very surreal and think she was only 36 and so young. I miss her a lot, she was a very bright and fun I hope she is at peace and waiting for her next go round here on earth.

Other than that I had to get ready for Christmas and plan on what I wanted to do between while I was on holiday. Christmas is always crazy for us and this year was no different. Christmas eve we went to bed around 4am at my sister's place! I think I went to bed before the others too! LOL! The my parents said we had to be there for 9:30am! Well needless to say we had a lot of grumpy adults! :P

We opened presents at my parents and I got all kinds of great things, but the best was my new purse from my parents! The story on this is fantastic. I was at Winners with the hubby and my Mom. She asks me to come over and help her choose a purse for my sister (S)... I'm like "Sure!" I love Shopping for S. as she has similar tastes to me but can wear anything! So I found this purse from Guess (one of her favourite designers) and it was all square and boxy, with bling and a shoulder strap attachment and it had a great faux alligator skin in the very cool light nude tone! I LOVED IT! I was so excited for her gift, but also secretly envious! I never think of asking for that kind of gift...but it was so cool! And lo, to my surprise on Christmas morning...THE PURSE! See it's beautiful lines...I love it!

The Christmas Purse!
But of course, I promised some chatting about my very behind Quilt bees I needed to finish. Well in Early December I finished the 2 blocks for Kristy @107 Quilts Quilt. Her blocks were super fun and I really liked the colours she had picked. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. here are her two blocks

Block 1
Block 2

Then between Christmas and New Years I was able to finish mommaof4yoopers Quilt. Now I apologize for the quality of these photos but my iPhone was taking crappy pictures with the flash and crappy without it. So I apologize and will make sure my camera is around and charged all the time!

Block A (I think...)

Block E (I hope...)
This block was a lot more challenging for me...I wanted to make sire I had enough of the beautiful purple batik showing and creating the right stars...but so nice. You should see the design! I hope these blocks were to her satisfaction.

So to continue the update, NYE was quite with M&D staying with us overnight as I had planned a NY Day Brunch for my friends and family on NY Day. So I was cooking most of NYE - but the food was super awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

So my New Years resolutions this year is to finish my projects and blog more often. So I think I will start blogging on Wed for W.I.P. Which stands for Works in Progress...There is a cute button to put on the posts and keep on the blog. I am also looking for a new blog this is not working for me right now. I like it a lot but I want a more modern feel.

So next Wednesday I will have a post about this week and what I have planned for secrets too!


P.S. I love how a lot of blogs have signature images...I am working on that next! Stay Tuned!

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