Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Almost October ALREADY!

So I have decided that I needed to do a "quick" check in (and I am a little bored at work anyway...) but things are not going as planned in my last post. I had posted about my White Wolf Fian and I think I am going to bow out. I don't think that the project I picked is really in my best interests and I am dragging my feet everytime I think about it. I just don't want to do any hand sewing...lets face it, I love beautiful clothes, but couldn't be bothered to hand sew all the seams...I have way too much on my plate to dedicate that much time to it. So I think I will work on the outfit for FOTH, but won't concern myself with the "hand sewn"ness of it. I have to let the Fian know that I will be backing out.

The weekends have been crazy! I don't even know if I will have anything ready for Kingdom A&S...for sure nothing for the Pentathlon. Oh well, maybe another year. Just even on that note, all my Pennsic stuff is still in a mass pile in the SCA I really need to look at cleaning that up (and the sewing room) before the winter sets in. I also have to plan with Dafydd our menus, so there is a lot to do in the next few months...Though I have to say that I have managed to keep my Living room, Dining room and Kitchen in a clean state for about 3 weeks now...I am super proud of how well it looks.

Over the long weekend, my sister and he boyfriend invited me to swim at Calypso water park while Jeff was camping. We had a great time and my sister suggested that I rip out the ugly blue carpet in the hallway...WOW that was a job. We needed 2 days to do it! I love it, but of course there are little things that need to be finished. (some painting and sanding). So that is on the list to be done before our Annual Halloween party! YAY! The Halloween party is in the planning stages, the invites are out - now to work on decor and food. So that is going to be crazy all on its own!

I have also started going to the gym (work membership) and seeing a weight specialist recommended by my doctor. Well I am not sure how I am working this all in, but I HAVE to get into shape. This is ridiculous! So the food plan is simple, but I have to figure out my day so I am getting enough I am a little stressed about that, but I CAN manage.

I managed to catch up on my poor neglected online Quilting Bee. I needed to finish June, July and August months and September had just arrived. So I felt really guilty for not getting it done on time. So Friday I managed to push out all four months so a total of 8 blocks completed. I think mailed them out the next day, so I hope my quilt bee members get them soon! I will look at posting pictures tonight or tomorrow. YAY me!

So for this weekend we have a wedding to go to and friends coming over on Sunday, so no sewing this weekend (maybe on my compressed Monday I can get something done).

Well that is the update (not very short was it?) Hopefully I can write more or do better next time!