Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time Flies....

I have to apologize for all the cobwebs on this site. You don't realize how quickly time flies when you have a baby. Olivia is now almost 14 months and I am back at work. I am finally thinking about the SCA again. With that basic intro, I will do a quick update post.

I still have garb for sale. So if you are interested in any of the garb on this page (Early SCA Garb for Sale) please send me an email. (Emelote(dot)of(dot)Calais(at)gmail(dot)com

Other than watching Olivia grow, we have been fairly normal. We have had some house issues that will hopefully be all complete by Christmas (a flood, foundation repairs and fixed interlock walkway, new basement on the way). But I really don’t want to dwell on that. I have some very close friends who have wonderful SCA blogs and I should really try and put that as my focus here. If you want some interesting reads check out my bestie’s blogs (Leather Goods for the Discerning Kraken) – Dafydd has wonderful experiments on his leather dying project right now. My other bestie Avelyn has her blog (Y in the Well?) which has her fun SCA musings. I am hoping to be able to update mine more often too! Though I do have a project I want to chat about. :)

So a quick update and a I am debating about adding any more pictures of Olivia…she shouldn’t really be on the internet anyway…so sorry for now I won’t post any more pictures for now.


Monday, March 11, 2013

I have survived! (A birth story if you are interested!)

As many of you know life can be kinda crazy...especially when you are waiting for a baby to arrive. I have been meaning to get to this blog for ages, but just couldn't get my head around it. My sweet little Olivia just turned 6 months, so I figure it is time for me to update and maybe get back on track. Lets see if I can even do a quick recap! Wish me luck!

Last update: A Short Week but Man did it Feel Long! (July 20, 2012)

OK So in July I had another shower at my Mom's - no real pics, but here is one of me with the Donald gift from my sister Lindsay (who works at Epcot - in the Canada Pavillion!)

One of the few pics of my an my belly. LOL
In August we went to my cousin Dave's wedding in was when I was 37 weeks exactly so Olivia could come at any time. It was a wonderful weekend and it was awesome seeing the family from BC! I hadn't met Lauren my Cousin Steve and his wife Vicky's little girl, she was so cute and fun!

Steve, Me, Jeff, Vicky and Shawna
We also went to the Dead Can Dance concert in Montreal the next weekend! It was awesome and I was 38 weeks at that point! We had a great time with Shawna and on the Saturday we went down to Old Montreal (which I had never been) and walked around! Lucky for us there was an 18th century market happening! I was so excited! You know me I love reenactments! There were some awesome vendors and lace making too!

Dead Can Dance Concert - Bell Centre Montreal
 After we came home from Montreal, I decided to take it a bit easy as Olivia could arrive anytime! I had lots of doctor appointments, cloth diapers to wash, etc. On Friday September 7th, I made plans to hang out with Mel and Dave, I had another ultrasound to do so I went into Ottawa with Jeff. We did the Ultrasound and they gave Olivia her weight at 5lbs 9oz. We were told that most often they are wrong when it comes to weight as she is almost due. We also had to go back to the General for another non-stress test! I was so annoyed with that! My due date was September really anytime she will be ready. The spare room was finally done, in fact I was on the bed fluffing the comforter etc...I know crazy pregnant lady!

Anyway, I meet up with Mel and Dave, we have dinner and then decide to watch more True Blood. Jeff was out with a friend. At around 8pm I start feeling the slight cramp. Nothing serious, just tension like my period is coming. I  look at Mel and Dave and say, well I think I should call Jeff and make plans to stay at his parents. (they live 2 minutes from the hospital). The other thing was that I started bringing my suitcase with me in the car, just in case - so we had stuff with us if I went into Labour!

Sure enough that is what was happening. By 12:30am I was in very painful contractions but new it was going to be a long time, so by 3:30am Jeff decided we should go to the hospital. I knew if I wasn't far along they would send us back. We get there and yes I am in labour, but only half a centimeter home we went...not drugs, they said come back when I need drugs. So I held out till 9:30 and went back for drugs! Then I was only 1cm dilated! Oh come on! really!?! I was told they would last till about come back if I wanted more drugs. So sure enough come 4:30 I am back requesting more drugs! By then they take a look and the nurse says that they will keep me. At that point we had seen a resident doctor and the nurses were teaching him how to check dilation, etc. I don't mind being a student Guinea Pig at all! It is important that they can learn on someone for future doctors! Poor guy had seen me a lot! :P

So they bring me into my new room and introduce me to my nurse (she was awesome!) and ask if I want drugs...I was Yes of course! lol So she went to get a doctor for my epidural but as my luck would have it they were all busy with a coma patient, so I had to get some drugs to tide me over till they could come up. That was a funny experience, once the nurse put it in I got really sleepy then perked right up and became really giggly. Drugs are fun! LOL.

Finally the anesthesiologist comes up she tries to get the epidural in but can't...she picked me 3 times, so she had to send for her superior. Poor girl I felt bad for her, her boss came up and withing 1 min had it in. So get to relax until Olivia is ready to come out. I am on Facebook and checking email, really I was bored waiting. As I looked at the clock it is now 10:30pm...Olivia is not going to come out by her due date! I knew it! So I get to meet all the doctors in the house that night! I had my resident doctor (Dr. Andrew), then I met Dr. Webber who came to break my water...all I have to say is crochet hook! and then the doctor who would actually do the delivery. As I was pushing (Olivia decided she wanted to go back in) so they called the OBGYN in case they needed forceps...needless to say, Olivia was like, I am out of here. So when she made her appearance, there were 5 doctors and like 6-8 nurses on standby. Good thing I don't mind a crowd! lol

So Olivia made her appearance at 1:36am on Sunday September 9th, 2012. Just a little late of her due date!

Isn't she a cutie!

Olivia Minutes Old
So that is what I have been up update will be September on!