Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time Flies....

I have to apologize for all the cobwebs on this site. You don't realize how quickly time flies when you have a baby. Olivia is now almost 14 months and I am back at work. I am finally thinking about the SCA again. With that basic intro, I will do a quick update post.

I still have garb for sale. So if you are interested in any of the garb on this page (Early SCA Garb for Sale) please send me an email. (Emelote(dot)of(dot)Calais(at)gmail(dot)com

Other than watching Olivia grow, we have been fairly normal. We have had some house issues that will hopefully be all complete by Christmas (a flood, foundation repairs and fixed interlock walkway, new basement on the way). But I really don’t want to dwell on that. I have some very close friends who have wonderful SCA blogs and I should really try and put that as my focus here. If you want some interesting reads check out my bestie’s blogs (Leather Goods for the Discerning Kraken) – Dafydd has wonderful experiments on his leather dying project right now. My other bestie Avelyn has her blog (Y in the Well?) which has her fun SCA musings. I am hoping to be able to update mine more often too! Though I do have a project I want to chat about. :)

So a quick update and a I am debating about adding any more pictures of Olivia…she shouldn’t really be on the internet anyway…so sorry for now I won’t post any more pictures for now.


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