Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday: How do I do this??

In my last post I talked about doing the Freshly Pieced W.I.P. Wednesdays. How it works is that I will update you on my "works in progress" every Wednesday and you guys can comment about it or encourage me a bit more! :P If you want to join, the button on my sidebar should bring you to her site.

So this will be a rough one to catch everything. (I hope!) It has been already a busy week and I hope that I can catch everything I should be working on. Ok! So I have a few current projects and some upcoming ones too. Let's see...I have been waiting for fabric to arrive so I can start my Super Secret Project (SSP). Now this needs to be completed by the end of March! I better get on it. Can't show you the back, because I can't guarantee she is not viewing my blog...

New Project:
SSP Fabric
In Progress:
Sew Modern Bee Blocks (2)
Bee Creative Block (1)
March Quilt for Sew Modern Bee
Avelyn's Gown fix

I also have 3 blocks to finish for my Sew Modern Bee and Bee Creative. Those I plan on finishing this weekend, hopefully it won't take too long. I also have to start the renovation process of my sewing room, but I have to be good in most of my projects. In my Sew Modern Bee my month is March, I still need to decide on what pattern and fabric I want to send to the Ladies to sew for me. Whew!

On the SCA front it has been quite for us, but I have made it that way. I still need to finish Avelyn's gown (for Valentine's Day Massacre in Feb) and another friend has asked me to modify a dress for her by Feb 3rd. Now I am not sure if I can do that, but we shall see.

No Progress:
Tokyo Subway Map Top (Finish 5 blocks and piece together)
Saxon Gown
Leather Shoes
Bobbin Lace

This week's Stats:
Completed Projects - 0
New Projects - 1
Currently in Progress - 10

Oh My! That is quite a list!

Let's hope by next week I will have some finished projects to show off!


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