Tudor Wardrobe

(Work in Progress)


Linen Smocks (2-3)

Wool Stockings (2-3)
Knitted Garters
Linen stockings (1-2)
Linen petticoat (yellow) ✅
Wool Petticoat


Long Sleeved Early Tudor Kirtle
Sleeveless Kirtle (Red wool) (working women)
Sleeveless Kirtle (Middle Class) 

Short Sleeved Red Wool Kirtle


Orange Wool Gown (Yeoman's Wife)
Grey Wool Gown (Nobility)
Black wool coat gown


2 sets of sleeves (Working woman and middle class)

Tudor Leather Shoes (middle class)
Linen yard-cloth (x3)
Linen coif (x2)
Wool hat
Silk Sheer Partlet with Pearl (Nobility)
Fur Hat 
Linen Forehead cloths (2-3)
White Linen Apron (2-3) one Sunday best
Green linen apron
Black wool apron
Green wool apron
White linen partlet (working woman)
White linen partlet (Sunday best) 

Updated : April 15, 2016

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