Friday, October 21, 2011

Hallowe'en is a Comming!

Well it is time for my monthly blog update. You would think that I would update it a bit more, but I guess this is better than nothing! :P

Well there hasn't been too much going on since the last post (HA!) about my hobbies! Except that Lance (my black cat) got a blocked bladder and it cost us $1200 to get him fixed, so money is tight. My husband's Grandmother is in her last stages of life, she had not been doing well since her 2 heart attacks in July and August, plus the Alzheimer's and her liver shutting down, now it is only a matter of days. So we have that stress we are dealing with as well.

I am getting to the gym 2-3 times a week, which is good but not great. This week was a total bust as we had to visit his grandmother and had plans on Wednesday now I am just wiped! But I have lost 7lbs. Though I think I really need to get more protein now. I have to step up to the plate and really work on this!

I promised pictures of the quilt blocks I did for the bees for June, July, August and they are!
These are IssabellaTheCat's June Blocks.


Here are July's Blocks for Mad for dyes.

The August Blocks are my FAVOURITE! I love the colours and the design! The Blocks were for My Fabric Obsession's quilt.

And finally we have Creationsbyrachel's September Blocks.

Now the pictures are not the best because my camera was in Europe with my parents when I completed the blocks. I am also working on the October ones this weekend, so I will post the pictures in my next blog post. I have also started to think about my quilt in March. I have to have it all planned by February so that I can cut it up and send out for March. I am debating between a Black, Grey, White, Citron and Chartreuse scheme or a Grey and Orange (with maybe purple) scheme...I have more of the of the first colours...but we shall see!

I have been a bad SCA member as I have not contacted the White Wolf Fian and cancel my request. Bad me, but I did manage to get my Kingdom A&S form in with what I am going to compete with. I have planned to do the following items.
  1. Takahiro's Japanese Garb (Under Kosode, Over Kosode, False neck,  Hakama, and Dobuku)
  2. Hand Sewn Gable Hood
  3. Bobbin Lace
  4. Arab meat recipe
  5. Arab vegetarian recipe
Now I can back out at any time, but I figured this was a good start. All I need to work on is more of the lace, the recipes and the false neck for the Japanese garb. Should not be too hard...and I need to pick what I am planning on showing as he has like 5 outfits now! YAY! I also need to work on Avelyn's dress for FOTH so she has something pretty to wear, and I need to fix my Italian Renaissance Dress as the bodice it too big. So I think I might just re-cut the front to have it fit and support better and I need to add the trim.

On top of all of this I have to finish the menu for my Halloween party (hopefully today), clean my house, decorate it and figure out my costume. Oh it should be fun, but what a crazy 3 weeks it will be! Thank the Goddess that FOTH is on a long weekend for me. We also picked up a new microphone and the keyboard for Rock Band (super fun) so I hope to get some playing time on that one.

Whew! Now back to work.


Cate said...

The quilts are looking great.

I'm sorry to hear about Fian. Maybe apply again with a new project?

Erin T./Emelote of Calais said...

That is an option, I think I need to find something that I REALLY want to do...I will think about it for FOTH and maybe rechallenge

Cate said...

What is FOTH?

You should find something! (Completely selfish here. I'm just looking for people to do fian with. ;) )

Erin T./Emelote of Calais said...

Feast of the Hare (FOTH) :)

Anonymous said...

Any ideas what you would like to do?

Cate said...

Not sure what happened here. 'blog' is me.