Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shoes! How I love them...

I am a regular follower of American Duchess's blog and I LOVE her stuff. I always look to her for inspiration in the 18th/19th century costumes (and vintage stuff) I want to make but really have no where to wear it! :(

It is always sad, that we don't have any 18th century reenactors here in Ottawa area, though the war of 1812 is coming up this year. *le grand sigh*

Anyway, Lauren (that's The American Duchess) she has done something that really you can't find anywhere else and that is she decided to design, and have made, period shoes for the reenactor! She has a wonderful shop at American Duchess Historical Footwear that carries 18th century shoes, Regency shoes and Edwardian shoes...and she keeps adding to them. The other great thing is that her shoes are beautiful and are made of leather. I know that she is looking at a Victorian button boot! w00t!

But enough about this store, why am I blogging about this? Well she has started her pre-orders for the new Kensington shoes ($99) and has a giveaway for people who Blog, Tweet and Facebook about it. I am dying for a pair of these shoes, especially the red ones.

I want a pair that I can make an outfit to go with it! I really want to win. So have a peak at her store and blog and enjoy the fabulous dresses she creates! Wish me luck too!


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