Friday, June 8, 2012

Now what is happening??

Once Border Spat was done and the proper time to recuperate happened, I had to start thinking about this baby coming! A few things that happened was that we found out that the baby is a girl, and we are naming her Olivia June. We both really liked Olivia and June after my hubby's Grandmother (I knew her  as GG) who passed away in November 2011. So we are super excited, and all of our neighbours are too, since they all have boys!

I wanted to paint the baby room in a mid-dark grey, something neutral so that if we have another baby it is easy to update. I was originally looking at yellow and green as my accents but I have been drawn into the pink or doesn't help when there are tons of cool fabrics in those colour schemes!

So my problem is colour overload. The Crib is a cherry wood, the walls will be dark and my accents will be what bring colour into the room. I have been debating about what colour should the dresser be, Chocolate brown or white? My Mom is probably right, paint the room then decide.

We are lucky that we are getting a crib for free from Carrie & Brian, we got a car seat cheap from Ian & Jill. The only new thing we have bought was the Bob Revolutions SE stroller from for $150 cheaper than in Canada. So we are off to a great start. We have absolutely no need for clothes, my Mother in Law has cornered the market on that!

We haven't asked for tones to stuff, but really items we need...we decided to go with cloth diapers to save money and the environment, it is one of the biggest purchase we are looking at.

So to even get to the nursery we have to move the office down to the get the office into the basement we need to finish my sewing room. Luckily we have put in the floor, now we are in the process of putting in the baseboards. Here is the before picture. I know not a great one, but you can see the duct tape holding the old floor together. I will be painting this room maybe next year or at least after Olivia been born!

My Sewing Room - Yuck!
I was also very lucky to get 3 pieces for free from our friend Leif when he moved out of his apartment. So on the wall you see the shelves right now, I will add the Expedit 5 high shelf and the Expedit 4 square shelf. There is also a small file drawer on wheels, I think that will go with my sewing machines.
 I am thinking of getting the 5 x 5 square Expedit to match the tall shelf to replace my makeshift ones in the picture above...and getting another 4 square - it will fit perfectly in my closet and will help me organize it a bit better. It is not cheap, but there are lots of options to organize with baskets, drawers and doors!

Once the sewing room is done, then I can get back to my 2 blocks I haven't completed yet, the SSP I am working on for September, all the receiving blankets and burp clothes I need to make. I just can't wait for the painting to be done. Maybe on the next post I will chat about how I want to set up the other half of the room.

So I need to get these built and start putting stuff back into my room for the weekend. Once that is done, then I can get the office really is a domino effect! Oh yeah! I need to get the spare room done for my Memere and Mom are coming up to help me clear out some junk. They so need somewhere to sleep! :P It will be a messy weekend! :) Pictures to come next week.

Wish me luck!


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