Friday, August 4, 2017

Favourite Friday: Favourite Era

Hello, Friends!

Since I have jumped on the #CoBloWriMo bandwagon, to try and get better at writing about my projects, Fridays are favourite posts. This weeks topic is a little hard for me. You see, I have a lot of favourite eras depending on who I am speaking to, and what I am doing.

If I am speaking to someone in the SCA, then easily it is the 16th century. Now it could be English, German or the Netherlands. They are all up for grabs. ;)

If we are talking other eras, I have always loved the 18th century. The bigger the dress the better. How could you not love all the frills and flounces and structure? Not to mention the hair.

I have to say I love a lot of different eras, each having their own special something that makes it unique. I have plans for Regency (the 1810s), Early Canada (1867), Full out Victorian bustle (1880s) and the 1940-50s. It is very hard to pick just one era that is a favourite.

I hope to dip my foot into the various eras I love, so stay tuned. :)


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