Thursday, June 23, 2011

What has been hapening???

Hello everyone! Well it sure has been a very busy last few months! Quick recap:

1. Helped my best friends get married in May. Congrats Mel & Dave!

2. Discovered I love baking again! I made some uber awesome cupcakes (pictures to come).

3. Started quilting - actually joined 2 online quilt bees (Tokyo Subway Map Quilt Swap and the Sew Modern Quilt Bee) The great thing too is that I will get 2 quilts out of this. I have almost the whole quilt top for the Tokyo Subway map now - just a few squares to finish. If you want to see what the whole thing will eventually look like you can see it here - Oh! Fransson Tokyo Subway Map Quilt Along. My job was to do block 20 - 25 times. So there was 25 people and each did one block so we could mass produce them. Then we sent the to the bee organizer and she packaged them together and sent the completed blocks back to us.

Tokyo Subway Map Quilt - Block 20
  So soon I will have all of them together and get a picture up!

The other bee I won't have my quilt top until March 2012...but I am helping other ladies get their quilts created. Here are the 2 blocks I made for FairlyMerry (she was the Queen bee for May).

Sew Modern Quilt Bee - May - Block 1

Sew Modern Quilt Bee - May - Block 2

I am now working on the June block. More on that later :)

4. Jeff has graduated! YAY! So for his grad gift, Jeff's parents, my parents and I have put money together to get him his Yumi Bow (Japanese Bow). Now he has to go to Pennsic to get it!

5. I'm going to PENNSIC! YAY - So the prep is on. I have to make Jeff like 10 outfits - ok not that many but enough to last him at least 1 week. I am going for 2 weeks but he can only do I for now. But we are going! YAY!

6. Working on my A&S 50 Challenge. That will need its own post - along with my White Wolf Fian more on that in the next few days and weeks...really!

There you go - me in one post!


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