Friday, July 22, 2011

Quick Post - More to come

Just a quick post to say that my sewing for Pennsic has been coming along! I have finished 3 Hakama pants for Takahiro (the hubby) and I have just hand sewing left on 4 of the 5 Kosode I finished. So I am very excited about that! I was able to start working on a Chemise for my Italian Ren gown, so I might actually have an new outfit for Pennsic! YAY!

What I have left:
1. Hand finish the Kosode
2. Finish the Chemise
3. Start the Black Undergown
4. Start the Red Overgown
5. Start the Red/Gold Surcoat
6. Gold Hair piece
7. Sew the Green wool Viking Apron (Already cut)

Then I need to Pack for Pennsic and get my USD and a bit more to do. Let's keep my fingers crossed I can finish in time!

I am going to post a quick story about my duct tape dummy creation experience! It is a bit of a hoot! Unfortunately (or fortunately) didn't take any pictures but the final product...which I think it is OK.


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