Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bad, Bad Emelote.... 2014 Recap Part 1!

Greetings my blog followers!

Well 2014 came and went without me blogging. Boo!

Basement demo and construction finished in April 2014. There were so many problems with it, but we have a finished basement. It still (as of Jan 2015) needs a ceiling, trim, 2 doors in the sewing room. The new floor for the sewing room is in, now I am just trying to get it all sorted and put back together.

O. did her first SCA camping event with flying colours. :) Her mother didn't fair as was so HOT! But I think there will be lots of Camping in her future!

Spent almost all of August and September canning fruits and vegetables. I amassed quite a lot. :)

August Canning - Many pickles and Peaches
O's 2nd birthday came with 2 parties! One at Grandma and Grandpa's house and one at Nana and Fafa'. Lots of cool stuff and lots of fun too.

Rolling into the fall had some awesome experiences.

I ran my 1st 5k timed event! :) So exciting! Got to run with friends, met up with my sister (she was training/running for the Tower of Terror 10 miler at Walt Disney World in October.

Once I got home! :)
I got to go to a Tudor Tailor workshop in Chicago. I had never been to Chicago, so this was so awesome. SIL let us use her VW Diesel Golf Wagon (OMG! Awesome car!) to save on gas, unbelievable how awesome it was. We drove Thursday night to Toronto, then the second half to Chicago. It was great finally getting there. I had a lecture that night. I totally geeked out with other SCA people! :)

Friday Night

Checking out the possible wet nurse - Jane and Ninya
The Tudor Child
 I got to meet the ladies after at the wine and cheese. I also got to buy a whole bunch of awesome stuff while there too. I had a couple of glasses of wine...and really needed dinner. lol Had some great conversations with new people and got to meet one of my idols (Genoveva). She was only going to be there on the Friday and Saturday workshop, whereas I was doing the Friday and Sunday workshop.

 So after friends Kes and Menken talked about Steak n' Shake in Florida, I needed to investigate this more. There was one not far from our hotel! Yay! Also open 24hours!

Steak n' Shake - crazy prices!
Jeff and I  decided to stop at a liquor store to stock up for the weekend, and I found my vodka unicorn. BLAVOD! I have been looking for this stuff for 6 or 7 years! Stuff for Halloween this year.


We had amazing weather for end of October. We rented bikes in Chicago and enjoyed the waterfront. Saw the bean and met new people while waiting for the train to Chicago proper. (We were about 1 hour out of town). 
OMG! The weather was awesome

I got to spend the entire day in a workshop with the Tudor Tailor Ladies. It was amazing, and it was really hard to be in the workshop about fabrics, to discover that all of my wool is really not up to snuff. Met some wonderful people and discovered that I really love this stuff.

It was exciting to meet the Ladies and have discussions about how they research and how to get the right fabrics, colours, shapes, etc. It was very exciting to meet new people too. People who have worked with the ladies and are doing really awesome things in the US! I hope to maybe work with Jane on something in the future, but that is in the works now. Right now I need to get all the pictures I took onto my computer and organized for research. :)

to be continued....

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