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Bad, Bad Emelote...2014 Recap Part 2!


Well as things progressed after Chicago, I was very excited to maybe get some work done on the sewing room. We needed to get the floor installed, so we took the time to do that and then start moving stuff in...we that didn't work out as well. As of today (Feb 3rd 2015) the sewing is just a storage room. :( Sadness. But I have to finish it up this week so that I can get the final pattern testing done on the Goldhaube that I have been collecting items for. Almost all the materials have been collected, just a few items here and there still need to be purchased.

but the most exciting thing to end 2014 was that I was part of an amazing activity to raise money for the Ottawa Food Bank. I was part a finalist for CBC's Radio One's All in a Day's (with Alan Neal) Project Give Food Fantasy. Listeners were encourage to send in their food fantasy, and the top 10 would be picked to get the chance to win their fantasy by raising the most money for the Ottawa Food Bank.

Lucky me, I was a finalist for the Food Fantasy contest. This is the blurb I sent to CBC in hopes of being selected a finalist.

For the past eight years, I have had the opportunity to study and cook 12th to 16th-century historical recipes and menus for a local Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) group. I have cooked feasts for over 100 people with only period recipes, and I have always wanted to cook a full Tudor feast at Hampton Court (King Henry VIII’s palace) in their still fully functioning Tudor kitchens. It is my dream to cook a 16th-century feast on 16th-century equipment in a 16th-century kitchen.

I had until 11:59pm on November 30th to raise the most money. On December 5th, they would announce the winners on the show. There were 2 corporate challenges that we had the option to do. If we won then we got $2,000 added to our fundraising total. The first challenge was a back of the cupboard recipe challenge. We had to take a picture of 3 items from the back of the cupboard and then make a recipe incorporating all of the items. A la Food network Chop style. My items were a can of Old El Paso Mild enchilada sauce, a can of mushrooms and pickled capers.

My back of the cupboard items

I really wanted to do a period inspired recipe but the tomato based enchilada sauce really didn't work out, so I thought about what could I do to get these together. Capers are period and are recommended in period sources in fish dishes, so I went with a fish cake and to bring in a medieval flare added an adapted recipe of an eggplant pickle side dish from my Medieval Arab Cookery book. [Spicy Fish Cakes with a Spicy Tomato Sauce served with Eggplant Pickle]. All recipes would be judged by Absinthe Cafe's Patrick Garland who won the 2014 Ottawa Gold Medal Plates competition. So I was sitting at my desk on the Friday they were announcing who won the challenge, I was so stressed out. lol They were talking about everyone's dish but mine, my heart was racing and finally they got to mine. Chef Garland said he was impressed on the thought that went into my recipe and that it sounded delicious considering my items. He really liked the eggplant dish too. So finally they announce the winner and it is ME!!!!!!! I got $2k for my fundraising.

CBC'a All in a day tweet.

 I couldn't believe it! Maybe I can cook! lol. The second challenge was to find 25 hard to find items that listeners sent in...has me running around all of Ottawa and surrounding area to find stuff. Not to mention Tsivia and others helping me out. Unfortunately I didn't win that one, but they two guys in our Food Fantasy 9 (as we were called) got to split the $2000. :) So I was still in the running. I hoped. We were not allowed to know how much we had fundraiser to keep the suspense for December 5th.

Strange stuff like this - Gumbo File from Chilly Chiles in Manotick

December 5th is when we found out how we placed in the Food Fantasy Challenge for CBC Ottawa's All in a day Project Give for the Ottawa Food Bank! We raised over $21,000 as a group of 9 people.

I was wonderful to see all the gifts they gave us! :) Everyone got something from their fantasy, along with many people actually getting it!

the TMNT movie fantasy - mmm - free Pizza

3rd place with $3310 - waiting my turn selfie
Talking on the Phone with Chris from Hampton Court Palace

I placed 3rd with $3310.  My prize was CBC connecting with Hampton Court Palace and getting me a day to cook in the kitchens! I didn't win, so I have to get myself there. But the hardest part is the connection.

The winner was Sharon Martinson who raised $5100 for her classroom kitchen in the Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School in Barrhaven, for a class of awesome individuals in the Autism Spectrum Disorder Program. Ikea and a local contractor will help make that happen! :)

I was super lucky to be selected to be in this contest. I will include some sound bites in the future. :)
The wonderful thing CBC did was that every contestant regardless of what they raised, got something from their food fantasy. :) it was amazing.

So now I am starting my fundraising Campaign to get to me to HCP. I want to go the 1st weekend in August. If you are interested in following that blog - here is the link.

My fundraising site is with - my campaign is here. Please consider donating and sharing. :)


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