Wednesday, February 9, 2011

August 27, 2009 - NDTB... Part 3 ...A&S 50 Challenge ... What I would like to do (hopefully)...

Potential Challenge Items:
  • Light Green Wool Kirtle
  • Hemp Boned Corset
  • Red/Brown Wool Flemish Overgown
  • Yellow Flemish Kirtle
  • White Linen Blackwork Coif
  • White Linen Redwork Coif
  • White Linen Coloured Crewlework Coif
  • White Lightweight Linen Partlet
  • Black Linen Partlet
  • Black Silk Partlet
  • German Saxon Gown (all pieces)
  • German Saxon Hat
  • Egyptian/Syrian 12th Cent Fighter Gear/Garb
  • Summer Lightweight Tudor
  • Elizabethan 1580’s Gown
  • Elizabethan 1570’s Gown
  • Italian Renaissance
  • Burgundian gown
  • Persian
  • Elizabethan Loosegown
  • Lucet Cords
  • Couching Embroidery
  • Leather Armour
  • Shoes
  • Cardweaving
  • Red Linen Sleeves
  • Red Linen Petticoat
  • Illumination/Calligraphy Scrolls
  • Recipes (Islamic, French, English)
There are many different things I want to do, so it will take some time obviously...but I am looking forward to this challenge. I will post what I can here, the Yahoo Group, Facebook and hopefully my webpage. 
Encouragement is always welcomed as well as ideas or challenges...In the next few weeks/months I will catalogue all my items with pictures, for now I will post me wearing some of the garb peices...

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