Wednesday, February 9, 2011

May 31, 2009 - What's up Girl!

Sorry has been a little busy on the mundane side...I started my kitchen renovation the long weekend in May and it is still not done, so I have been a little crazy!

At Dandelion I had a great time! My garb was mostly completed (16th Century Flemish), but I have a lot more to complete to make me happy...but I was pleased with the look!

The best thing that happened was the Dame TSivia officially accepted me as her Aprentegee (or Apprentice and Protegee) which is so exciting! Me and Avelyn (by best bud!) were both done in a ceremony together! I couldn't ask for a better day! My nieces came with us for their first event, and they enjoyed it.

Hopefully I can talk more about it soon! With Pictures...


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