Wednesday, February 9, 2011

August 27, 2009 - OK...Now Down To Business!! Part 1...

So as you can see me posting to my journal has been minimal at best. I seem to have done so much in the last few months that it is hard to believe that summer is now over... 
I have some resolutions (I know it not quite time yet) to get started on. I had signed up to do the A&S 50 Challenge, but I have not really done anything to start or at least to start amassing what I planned to do...
So here we go...
On the Yahoo Group this is my formal signup.
Scadian Name: Lady Emelote of Calais
Kingdom: Ealdormere
Local Group: Canton of Harrowgate Heath
Comfort with Teaching (1-5): 5
Challenge Goals: My goals are to do 50 items that interest me. They will range from Garb & Accessories, Embroidery, Cooking, Illumination, Research/Documentation, Calligraphy, Leatherworking, etc. I want to learn as many new skills as possible as well as working to improve my other skills. I want to get more authentic in my activities.
What I do: (1-5, * = teach it): Sewing/Garb making * - 5, Cooking - 4, Calligraphy - 2, Embroidery - 3, Hat making - 3,
What I want to learn: Illumination, Leatherworking, Cardweaving, Fingerloop cords, Lucet Cords, jewelry, etc.
Blog or website URL: - (not up yet - working on it..
So this is what I have so far...I am sure that I might have missed some but I am going to try and update it as things are completed. I will post my semi wish list and hope that I can work on it throughout the fall.

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