Wednesday, February 9, 2011

May. 7th, 2009 - In the Begining...

Well, what can I say?

This is my first attempt in the world of live journals...but be forewarned, I won't be writing every day. Only when the mood strikes. :)

My name is Lady Emelote of Calais, I live in the
Kingdom of Ealdormere, the Barony of Skraeling Althing in the Canton of Harrowgate Heath (Winchester, Ontario, Canada) where I am the Seneschal for our group. If you are wondering how I can be part of a Kingdom, well it is part of the Society of Creative Anachronism or the SCA. We are part of the current middle ages, so if you are interested in the history from before the 17th century then this is the group to join!

May main interests are Clothing (almost all periods) and accessories or as we call it fiber arts, Calligraphy, Illumination, Leather working, Food, Research, etc...

Today I decided that I would join the
Arts & Science 50 Challenge. This is where we are challenged with doing 50 items in one of 3 categories. I think I am going to do the second category which is 50 new items or skills. So I will work on creating 50 different items to push my knowledge and techniques...I have to think on what they will be, but I have until May 1, 2015 to complete them. There isn't any judging or competition, except for the feelings of great accomplishment...I am excited to start, but I still have some planning to do.

So I will be making a list here for sure!

Well that is it for now,

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