Wednesday, February 9, 2011

November 8, 2010 - I have been a little remiss...

Ok, OK...I am a very poor journal writer....I haven't posted since February! ACK! :p

I have been very busy since that Feb time frame...I was planning our European holiday and so a lot of stuff got put on the back burner (such as the SCA) I missed the entire camping season!OMG! Bur boy was my trip worth it. If you didn't get the it is you can check it out!

I know it is on Blogspot, but I have a love/hate relationship with LJ (not a fan of the designs) and I am not sure if I want to stay here or go to Blogspot or really get my website done and host it there...ugh! We went to Germany, France, London and Paris for our trip. We saw one of my husband's best friend get married to a fantastic girl in her hometown of Lure France. I had so much fun with all the history stuff that I want to move to Europe for a year...maybe someday! *sigh*

So for this year's Feast of the Hare I had decided to get an outfit done (surprise, surprise) but unlike my other projects I actually gave up on finishing it in time. So I will take some pics of the in progress and get them up here on LJ & Facebook. So now I am going to take some more time with it and have it ready for another event. This has also had me thinking of changing my persona's period. She is in the 14th century, but really I am not a huge fan of the clothes. They can be really nice, but I am really into the 15-16th I am going to think more on that. I will be keeping my name as it doesn't really tie in a period but more of a place, but that doesn't mean I haven't moved or something! LOL!

So now I need to start concentrating on my White Wolf Fian, I need to start on the stuff I already have and worry about the other pieces for when my hubby is working and not in school.I can't wait for him to graduate so we can figure out the finances...this is the hardest part now, the last semester... I need a new job and more money!

Oh yeah I should chat about Feast of the Hare this year...I had a great time when I was entourage for Her Majesty Valfreya...what an amazing lady! I hope I can entourage for her again, it was a great pleasure! Got to meet more of my household with Dame TSivia, that was uber fun too! I was really lucky to be the Chalice bearer this past year and I though it would be nice to have the next bearer get a scroll done in my hand. So I did my first illumination for Lady Catherine Townsen....YAY! I also had to get help from my new house-sister Augusta to get the calligraphy done; and really it was so worth it as she is like this awesome artist! It was so much better than what I have done in the past! Thanks Augusta! Though I had some disappointing moments too (I won't be sharing those)and it has made do some thinking about some stuff (how deep! LOL) so we shall see about it!

I am also thinking about a couple of projects that have kinda fallen in my lap, I will need to make decisions on that and hopefully move forward on them too!

Anyhoo! I am going to put in my calendar...DO LJ Update! So I can put stuff in regularly!

PS. For those in the know...I missed my French Speaking exam...ugh! This is what happens with compressed days! So I have no idea if I can reschedule! Ugh! Super depressed about that!

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