Friday, July 20, 2012

A Short Week, but man! Did it feel LONG!

So I am sure you are all super impressed that I managed to blog almost every day last week...I knew it wouldn't last forever, but there was so much to catch up on...

It has been a little boring at work, with me loosing work because I will be leaving, and it is Summer so there isn't as much going on, unless it is an emergency. Which is fine I guess, but makes the day very long. Along with not sleeping very well at night, this doesn't help with me wanting to be at work.

I have to say my pregnancy has been really spectacular health wise. No major issues, lowest blood pressure EVER, and just minor symptoms. For me I get really bad heartburn, and my lower back and hips have been killing me. I roll over in the night and my pelvis pops...really loud. Loud enough for Jeff to hear it! :P So I have had to sleep on my side, so all my weight sits there and that means that I can get about an hour to hour and a half of actual sleeping until it starts hurting and I need to roll over. This disturbs EVERYONE! The cats and Jeff. I am sure Lance is fed up of me bouncing around. So what happens now is that I at about 3AM I have woken myself getting comfortable and no sleep. Last night I had to move to the couch just to get into a different space. I guess I need to get used to no sleep, but man does it suck!

On another note, my hormones are working overtime...I got teary eyed yesterday because I had order a caramel Sunday at Costco and 3 people after got served before me! I wanted my DAMN ice cream!!!

I get back to the table and Jeff says "What's wrong"


"Did someone step on your foot?"

"JUST DROP IT!" I say forcefully with tears in my eyes.

He gives me the wide eye look and shuts up. Stupid hormones! Can you believe it?!? Just wait till I give birth. Ugh!

I can laugh now, but it sure wasn't funny yesterday. Then I had a nap.

Update on the baby room - well it is 70% cleaned out, my Mom and Memere are coming up tonight to see if we can sort the rest out and the spare room too. Now that place is an explosion! I will be surprised if they can even find the bed again! The house is a quasi disaster, but the living room as stay uber is everywhere else now. But I guess we are getting there. As the countdown for Pennsic is happening for all my friends, I am counting down to finishing the baby's room!

Here is a super cute picture of Cleo sleeping on my pillow last night as we had taken away her cat perch in the window of the future baby's I need to figure out a good place for her to get it back.

Cleo Sleeping on my pillow...she looks so comfortable and cute!
So there...a gratuitous picture of one of the cats.

Finally chatted with Mel in what is like forever! Got some ideas on Fighting garb and made a time for us to hang out...boy have I missed her and Dave. So I have to remember to put fighting armor and such on my project list to do while on Mat leave...if I can! I can already see the year fly by!

I am sad too...didn't get to complete my 2 last months of my quilt bee...the fabric is sitting in a bag to be done, but it is not fair to the ladies, so I am going to mail them back on Monday unfinished. That sewing room is going to kill me eventually. Sorry ladies if you read my blog at all! I was not expecting all this work just to get ready for a baby...I excuse, but I hope you can forgive me!


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Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

Totally an amazing thing to bring a baby into this world {although I haven't done it myself} i have to say that it's more than wonderful that you're prepping and getting ready for the baby. Just knowing that you want this little one is better than any stinking block. Just know the sewing room will be around when you want to sew again...and let it be all love!