Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still here and still going! (Part 1)

Well it has been a very busy few weeks in the house. My Mom and Mémère came up in June for a whole weekend to help me get the house in order...and really it was awesome! We really only did a few rooms, but the impact of that change can be felt every day.

M&M (Mom and Memere- he he) helped me get rid of a lot of junk and stuff for the garage sale at my Mom's place. We managed to get rid of some side tables (my Mom is using them as night stands), finish a bunch of projects just hanging around and they Jeff gave us some awesome ideas on how to move some of the furniture in the living room for a better look!

So here is the lowdown (pictures to come, I promise)

Living Room:
  1. Got rid of the too big end tables and coffee table from the living room.
  2. Put all the CD's in a box to go through and make into MP3 (when time permits)
  3. Moved the Ikea corner shelf from the corner of the living room everyone sees when they come in, to the corner of the room no one notices. (this was a HUGE change and all of the Jeff's idea - my Mom was so excited that we made the change right away!)
  4. removed all of my crystal glasses from said shelf, washed them and put them in the kitchen glass door cabinet so we could use them.
  5. Jeff rewired all the sound system to work with the TV in the living room and put it in my credenza that had extra room after I got rid of a bunch of useless serving pieces. So that let us get rid of his Sony audio rack to put for sale. Now the TV works with the Internet and we have great sound. We moved the sub woofer to where the old corner cabinet was and the speakers now flank the credenza.
  6. Cleared the top of the credenza for only my candle holders and my Port (yum! Can't wait to drink that again! - the whole space is so airy now...I can't even believe it was my house!)
  7. Put up some artwork that hadn't been hung, and my curio cabinet for all my cool thimbles people pick up for me on their travels...I have so many and now people can see them!
So we did some plant re-potting, got rid of nick knacks and a lot of little things...I had a Ikea Billy CD rack that was in the dining room (left over from when I had all my bookshelves in the dining room) went downstairs to the home theatre for the blue-rays, so all of my corners were empty of clutter. We moved the water dispenser to the dining room corner. What has happened is that my dining room tables now fits properly in the space! I just need new chairs or even a bench. I have even managed to keep the whole room clean for almost a month now! I just need to do some dusting.

  1. Jeff and I finished the moulding around the window and finally finished the hardwood floor with the proper edging.
  2. Mom and I put in some of the de-clutter tools in my Ikea kitchen cabinets. I have only had them for 4 years in the packaging! LOL
  3. Jeff and I only need to finish the door frame, painting the door and the quarter round near the door. I hope we can do that this weekend. Then the rest will be caulking and painting the trim.
Sewing room:
  1.  Jeff and I finished the floor in the sewing room, and managed to get all the floor moulding and quarter round isn't the prettiest but what a little caulking and paint will do to fix it. I am hoping next spring to repaint the room.
  2. Mom bought me my Ikea 5 high bookshelf for my room! YAY it looks so cool! So we built everything and I have started putting all the fabric away.
  3. I declutter my fabric stash of fabrics I won't ever use (my old Fabricland days) - I actually cleared out 6 Rubbermaid bins to go to the garage sale. WOW! Can't believe that either.
  4. As you saw earlier I have put up some of garb for sale...I still have all the pieces, so if you are interested please let me know.

Sorry for the bad photo - but aren't the cubes awesome! There is the 1x5 that Leif gave us right beside it!

So I have started to move stuff back to the sewing room, still not done yet, but I should be able to get a lot done in the next week or so.

The baby room is still not completed, in fact the office is still there, so tonight we are looking at moving the rest of the sewing stuff into the furnace room, so we can start moving the office down. That is really the priority for this week, as M&M will be coming either this weekend or next to help with round 2!

So Here is the partial June to come the outside of my house and the Garage sale...what a tale with that one!


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