Friday, July 13, 2012

The Garage Sale and Ceramic Lacerations

So as I slowly update you all on what has been happening, I have reflected that I have been a very busy girl the last month and a bit. Not as busy as I would like at work, but at least busy at home...not to mention all the visiting with friends we did during the time too! Whew! I need a vacation - oh wait, it won't matter since I would have to do all kinds of housework anyway! :P

As we near the end of June and beginning of July a little bit of panic has set in...The baby room is still not in any shape or order, it is still in fact an office. So that doesn't help at all. I made a small amount of progress in the sewing/basement, but not enough for my liking. Though the bonus of this was the garage sale my Mom said we could have at her place on the 23rd.

Thanks goodness, since I had a ton of stuff to get rid of, so did my sister. So on the Friday night my car packed (I had already done 3 car loads before this), I head to Cornwall to get started in the set up. My parents have a nice garage so we had a rain location, which was important on Saturday morning as we had a small downpour, but then it got hot and sunny for the rest of the day.

**Warning graphic detail of injury here - skip if you don't want to read it! **

Though my Saturday did not get off to a good start...As we were pulling stuff out of the garage, I accidentally knocked over a French onion soup bowl onto the concrete floor! Oops! I felt a little sting and looked a my flip flop clad foot and saw a tickle of blood...hummm this isn't good!

So I decide to reach down and put my finger on the small cut to stop the blood and felt the missing skin...ugh! sure enough once I moved, did it not start to bleed a lot! Like I mean nicked an vein bleeding...running down my foot onto the cement floor! I am calm, and state that I need band aids and that I am going to the hospital to get this I don't want to sit down, just get me a cloth and band aids please! :)

So we get the band aids and head to the hospital - here is what my foot looked like before the doctor saw me.

Ceramic Laceration - waiting for the Doctor
So as you can see the band aid barely held the blood...there are two band aids there in fact! But I was still calm cool and collected. The Doctor was very nice, the staff had me checked in and with the nurses very quickly. I think I was there for about an hour in total - not too bad at all!

So the Dr. comes in and says well you need a couple of stitches (what I figured). So he had me lay down (Jeff was observing from the foot of the bed) and started to freeze my foot. Then I felt this really strange pressure (like there was a clamp on my wound) as he was freezing the area. The I got all hot and clammy...I guess the shock had worn off and the adrenaline was pumping. Jeff could see the baby bouncing in my belly from where he was sitting! Though once I was frozen, I couldn't feel him putting in the stitches at all. He was that good!

My two stitches - Oh! blue thread!
Then the nurse patched me up, gave me some extra bandages and off I went. My first stitches in 35 years, not bad I think!

So back to the garage sale we went. It turns out that Shawna (my sister) and I did really well getting rid of our stuff. People were on the hunt for deals and boy were there lots to be had. We did some really good sales and that took care of a lot for both of us. She has just graduated from school so the money was really needed!

So a medical adventure and I managed to get rid of a lot of crap...or other peoples treasures!

YAY me!


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Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

Totally yeah you! You are so calm and collected it rocks.

That is pretty blue thread :)

Hope your house tranformation goes quickly.