Thursday, July 12, 2012

Still here and still going! (Part 2 - The Garden & Yard)

So after that long winded post, you get another for you to enjoy! LOL

My Mom & Memere were at it again that weekend, especially in deciding to tackle my horrible front yard and overgrown weed gardens...I swear I had perennials in there, but who knew!

I think we spent a total of 8-10 hours working in the Mom is a miracle worker when it comes to plants. She decided I needed a better spot for my perennials that was a lot easier to manage than what I already had. I have a front flowerbed with a bush, but you would never guess that, so my Mom decided to start plucking out the plants she wanted to keep and make a new garden!

So under my bedroom window I have the hosta garden I wanted. I had so many mature plants that I still have tones to do something with. Then she decided to start a new side garden with the choice perennials. We couldn't believe how big most of my plants were and how easy it was to fill such a large bed.

Ooo! New Hosta Garden
Front View of New Side Garden

Side View of new Side Garden
My Mom cut down our huge evergreens that were taking over the walkway, and even managed to make the walkway visible. She also cut a lot off of other trees that were getting way too overgrown!

Trimmed Bushes
Now Jeff and I needed to clear the front flower bed a bit more - we moved my burning bush to the front for now - until I can figure out where I want to put it. We both have a bunch of items we need to take care of as well.

On June 17th - Jeff and I spent the entire day working on clearing the deck from all the overgrown weeds, the wild raspberry bushes, and the trees growing in the deck and beside the pool. It took us forever, but what a difference it made! We also got the pool up and running so that we can swim in it soon. I love our salinator for the pool, sure makes it easier than chemicals! Go Salt!

No Tree growing at the end of the deck!

No Raspberry Bushes growing in the deck

See No Raspberries!
Once we did a lot of this work, our new eavestroughing was installed on June 29th. Does it ever look nice! I love all the downspouts and now we have a working rain barrel! YAY!

Eavestroughing completed! No more leaks!
We will have quite a bit of work to do outside, but here is the short list I hope to tackle in the next week or so...
  • Weeding the new flowerbeds
  • Whipper Snip the front flower bed to get rid of the overgrowth and show off the bushes
  • Cut all the suckers from the Crab Apple tree
Photo Proof! No suckers!
  • Transplant Peony to side flower bed
  • Fill in our septic tank holes
  • Cut some of the Lilac down - it is obscuring the security light
  • Take weeds out of the walkway (again!)
This will all need to be done before Mom and Memere come back in a week or two! Whew!

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