Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A new Bed for Soon to be Parents

As I am sure you are aware, I LOVE IKEA! yes I do...I love the design, I love that I have to build it, and I love the prices!

So the weekend of July 7th, they had one of their great sales. Jeff and I were heading into Ottawa anyway since we were going to his sister's cottage to celebrate his nephew Josh's 17th birthday. So we decided that we needed a new bed frame and the one I wanted was on sale! YAY!

We had a really nice time at the cottage, Jeff went tubing on the boat while I enjoyed the sun. It was late when we got home though and brought in the bed frame which had been tied to our roof rack.

On Sunday we decided to build the bed and then work on the office and then Mel and Dave were coming over for dinner and movies or Rock band... Well needless to say that didn't happen. We started on the bed and Jeff noticed that the headboard solid panel was cracked. So we decided to head back to Ikea and get it exchanged. So I got the piece exchanged with no problems, we had lunch at Ikea and headed home. Now of course it is like 3:30pm. Mel and Dave due to arrive at 6pm didn't leave us much time.

Ceasar and Lance helping in the bedroom!
So we look at the instruction and look back at the piece and it is completely different! It matches the instructions online, but not our instructions. The holes don't even match up! What?!?! So I call Ikea's customer service line to try and figure it out...apparently our bed was the Brazilian version!

So do we go back or wait till Monday...Jeff wanted to get it over and done with so, back to Ikea we went. This time with all the other parts - sans foot board. We get to Ikea and lucky us, I get the same rep from the first return - Steph. She looking at the pieces and was trying to figure out what had happened. Eventually we came to the conclusion that we needed to return everything and they would give us a bed with all the proper stuff in it. But that meant we would have to sleep on the mattresse on the floor and go back for the 3rd time on Monday.

Oh well, that is what we did! Now that night I had the best sleep ever! It felt like I was in a King bed. Jeff wasn't crowding me the cats all had their own place...how is that possible. I guess we had a bad bed frame before and now we were on the flat floor. No sagging in the middle. I can't wait for our new bed frame.

So Monday night we head back to Ikea (#3) to exchange the whole bed. We ended up with Steph again (thank goodness!) and we didn't need to explain the whole situation again. She exchanged the bed, made sure we had the right parts, gave us a little something for our trouble, and I picked up some more boxes for the sewing room. We headed home ready to build our bed.

It sure took us a long time to get it done...Lance didn't help by escaping and going into the culvert across the street, but hey! Here it is!

It is lovely and level and roomy! I really need to finish one of my quilts to put on this bed...

Now on to the Baby's room...I think this is an ongoing theme!


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