Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fantastically Awesome Geeky Baby Shower!

On June 16th my bestest friends Mel and Melissa threw a fantastic baby shower for me! The theme was Geek and bring out your inner geek. I had tones of awesome friends come to celebrate Olivia's arrival into our very Geeky home!

It was so much fun getting everyone together in an non-SCA environment and have some of my longtime friends come and meet my fun and Geeky SCA friends. I was overwhelmed with all the great stuff. The food was amazing and Mel and Melissa managed to do really cool geeky games...not your traditional baby shower games! (YAY!)

We got books, clothes, bags, baby carriers, much needed cloth diapers, toys, SCA bib, bath accessories, etc...etc. I have some pictures of what I could find on the web as to what we have, and by no means are these the favourites (Since I love them all!) There were some cool stuff and so much that we would be here forever!

Cool Hats from Crystal! She blogged about it here - A Day In the Life
There were so many goodies! I also got a couple a really nice Mommy gifts, I got a really beautiful pearl bracelet with a pewter bunny charm on it so that I can remember which side I had breast fed on. It is so cute and totally SCA appropriate. I also got the owl Pandora charm I wanted too! I love it!

So now I need to get proper thank you cards and get started on organizing the room to put all of Olivia's goodies in there. She will certainly know she is well loved!

Thank you everyone! You know who you are and I LOVE all the gift and the friendship you provide on a daily basis!


Updated April 15, 2016 - Links broken

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